True Story:

Recently, I've picked up on some old bad habits, and have been burning through diet coke.  I'm pretty addicted to the stuff - and it is an addiction.  Luckily, it's a habit that doesn't require spoons, or having to find a vein or anything like that. 

Still, can't say I'm super pleased about it.   I blame the 50 cent pop machines at my work, coupled with the fact that the tea kettle shorts out.  And that I suck at mornings, and need caffeine. 

Anyways, a few weeks ago, I was at a convenience store, picking up a bottle, when a woman waiting in line just starts informing me about all of the bad things in diet coke.

You ever notice how it's the most uneducated people who tell you all the awful things in aspartame?  And just how nasty the stuff is?  Literally, this woman had more teeth than brain cells, and she didn't have a full set of those, either.  Yet she kept going on about just how "lethal" diet coke is.

This woman was on her health crusade for a good two minutes?

Best part?  She was in line to buy smokes. 

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