That sound you hear is just me banging my head into the desk...

Walk into work today, still bleary eyed from a late night playing super addictive flash puzzle games.  I fiddle with my keys, disable the alarm, and plop my butt down in the chair.  I'm in a lazy mood, but I know I'll get my work done - there's rarely a lot of work at my weekend job, after all.

Turn on my computer, and... hey, look!  New computer!  And by "new", I mean "Wow, this tower is actually older than the last one!"  It's running (I kid you not) "Windows 2000".  This makes me laugh.

Until I realize that my profile has been reset.

All of the shortcuts?  Gone.  My e-mail?  Inaccessible.  The main programs I use to actually communicate with our ATMS?  You know, the reason I'm here on the weekend?  Yeah, those are gone, too.

So I call up a coworker, at 8 am, waking him up.  He'd just gone to sleep three hours earlier.  Blearily, he tells me that he's been in the warehouse all week, and has no idea about how to set everything up.  I use his login info - and he's got nothing installed either.

He then helpfully tells me to call someone else - I can find their number on my email.  Of course, he realizes how stupid that sounds a second after saying it. 

I call the manager.  I call the second in command.  Neither are answering their phone.  It is, after all, just after 8.  And so, here I am, at a job that is usually pretty laid back, with absolutely nothing to do... and hating it. 

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