Film Fridays: Talk to me, Goose!

When I came into work yesterday, I found that my co-worker in the admin department (it's just the two of us, right now) wasn't going to be coming in, as his kid was sick.  Since it was only the second time I'd be alone in the admin section, handling everything on my own, this was kind of noteworthy.  Naturally, my supervisor (who works in another department) wanted to keep me aware of this, so he sent me an e-mail:

You're flying solo today.

That was it.  I had already figured out I was on my lonesome, but I decided to shoot an e-mail back.  My supervisor is a "typical guy" in a lot of ways, so I decided to respond in the form of a movie every male of a certain age has seen:  Top Gun.  My reply went a little bit like this:

What?  Maverick's flying solo?  What happened to Goose!?  Talk to me Goose!  Talk to me!

Y'see, Top Gun, while one of the dumbest movies ever made, is a movie that pretty much every guy has seen.  When I was three or four, my mom had the Top Gun soundtrack, and I'd sing along to "highway to the danger zone".  To this day, I still know the guitar licks to that main theme song.  It's even been in a commercial or two

Here's the thing, though.  He had no idea what the hell I was talking about.  He asked me about it later, and admitted he had never seen Top Gun.  While he seems like a normal person, this is obviously a sign that he was raised in some sort of weird cult, with magic jello and matching running shoes. 

The thing is, certain movies are part of our popular language.  When I say to someone "I'm about to go Office Space on our printer", most people know that I want to beat said printer with a baseball bat.  When I tell someone "It was a real Notebook moment, right there", everyone knows I'm saying it was a very sad time.  And when I have my fingers in front of someone's face and say "These aren't the droids you're looking for", people know what I'm really saying is:  "Holy shit, look at how much of a geek I am!". 

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  1. Wait; HIGHWAY to the danger zone? I always thought it was I WENT TO the danger zone. Seriously, go listen to it.

    Stupid song lyrics.