My dream? to have time to dream....

I finally put in my notice at the ATM job.  I may be working here once a week starting July, but for now, let's consider it a full on, "I quit".  I started doing some numbers last week, and realized that I was working around sixty hours a week, seven days a week.  And had been doing this since mid April. 

Seriously.  I've had one day off since around April 10th.  I had to put in the notice - I've been looking forward to the chance to, you know, sleep. 

The best part, though, was when I put in the notice.  A day afterwards, I sent an e-mail to a coworker, more or less informing him that I put my notice in, and could he please forward it to some other parties, so I could make sure someone got ahold of it.

He didn't reply with "Sure, Dave, I can do that."  He didn't say "Oh, it sucks that you're leaving, we're going to miss you!".  He didn't even say "Oh, thank God you're leaving.  You're a complete tool."

Nope.  He said, more or less, "Yeah, 60 hours a week is a bit excessive.  Hey, can you take my shift tomorrow?"

And so, yours truly wound up working almost 70 hours this week.  Apparently, I've decided sleep is for suckers. 

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