Film Friday: The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

A note to anyone that wants to see this movie:  be careful.

Yeah, it's Heath Ledger's last movie.  But that doesn't necessarily make it good. 

Not that I'm saying it's bad, per se.  It's just a movie with a lot of ideas, that doesn't take the time to appropriately examine said ideas.  While watching it, neither the Special Lady or yours truly was able to figure out whether Heath Ledger was a full on bad guy, or a flawed hero. 

The basic premise of the movie (at least how I see it) is this:  a man makes a bet with the devil - that mankind, if given the choice, will choose the path of wonder and excitement over pleasure and hedonism, even if the first path takes more work.  But it comes off as a "God versus the Devil" sort of bet, that reminds me of the Book of Job.

After watching it, the Special Lady was bugged and annoyed - she kept turning the movie around in her head, trying to find some sort of traction.  As she said to me:  "I don't like it, because in this movie, God is powerless - the devil is the only one with power".

Which sums it up.  It's supposed to be (at least, according the director) a fairly light-hearted movie... instead, it's a dark film with a few moments of Monty Python thrown in for good measure. 



  1. I love Heath...This movie was Ok for me...I bought it the day it came out but I only watched it the one time...It was a bit weird in parts (like the dance sequences)...But the parts that were good were real good...

  2. Of course the Devil has power in the movie - he's played by Tom Waits! How could he not be all-powerful? No one has anything on Tom Waits.

  3. This is true. Tom Waits is pretty damned cool. And yes, the movie was definitely a little, um... odd....