Music Mondays: The Poser Trap.

A little while back, I came up with a plan:  to create a fake band T-Shirt, and then to wear said T-Shirt to a place where a lot of self-righteous hipsters congregate.  The game was simple:  to see how many hipsters would, without provocation, start talking to me about the band I was supposedly a fan of... and to see how many hipsters would tell me they'd heard of my band, or actively listened to them.

In short, it was a poser trap.

Well, I'm going into the printing shop tomorrow, to make up just such a shirt.  The band name will be called "The Generic Douchebags" (name courtesy of Girl Interrupted), and I'm putting in a list of tour locations on the back.  I want it to be a very indie-looking shirt, so we'll see how that goes.  Don't worry... there will be picture.

To be honest, I think I have the beginnings of a new hobby.  Or maybe even a sport - who can snag the most hipsters in a day?  An hour? 

Along that note, where is a good place to go "hipster hunting"?  Record stores, small venue shows, and vegan eateries are all obvious places.  I'm also thinking The Noodle Box would be filled with pretentious hipsters.  As for other places, I'm not entirely sure.

Finally, the shirt will be printed tomorrow (tuesday the 22nd), but if someone wants to link to an appropriate picture beforehand, I'd be more than willing to consider using it.  I still haven't found a band image worth using. 


  1. Woohoo! I couldn't be more chuffed and can't wait to see what results you get :P

    If I think of any suitable images I'll let you know ... this isn't a "family blog", right?

  2. You need a picture of the shape of a man, like the guy on the Mens room sign, giving the finger to the world. Maybe put a bar over it to cover up the finger.

  3. @Girl: Nope. Not a family blog in the slightest! In fact, people that have families, or have had families, or have even had a mother at some point in their lives are not recommended to read this blog.

    @Trinity: I really like that idea! I might get someone to draw it up for me, or maybe I'll just play around with photoshop. The print store was closed when I went down, so it's going to be week or two before I'll have time to go down again.