Not a proud moment, but...

I had one of those "holy crap, I'm going to go to Hell" realizations the other day.  They happen from time to time, before I'm able to shake off the tingly feeling down my spine by releasing some pent up energy.  Usually by kicking a puppy, or laughing at an old person crossing the street or something. 

Everyone needs a hobby.

Yesterday, I was walking out of my apartment when I saw a man wearing a Joe Thornton, San Jose Sharks hockey jersey.  As I thought I was the only person in Victoria that actually liked the sharks, I got very excited to see this guy.  His back was turned to me, and I grinned as he turned.  The first thing he saw was yours truly, grinning broadly and waving an iPod proudly displaying the Sharks Logo (yes, I got a Sharks logo put on my iPod.  Shut up). 

"I love your jersey!  Excellent choice!  Thornton is awesome!" 

He grinned back, and then mumbled really loudly.  "Blargh guud mweyll lunngghhh". 

Or somethign to that effect.  And the first thing I thought was Ah.  Crap.  He's retarded.

My face fell a little bit, I forced a smile, and kept walking after giving him a bit of a wave.  I was a bit embarrassed, and then realized if I mentioned it to somebody, the first thing they'd say would be "Of course he was retarded.  You'd have to be, to be a sharks fan!" or something to that effect.

It wasn't until I got about twenty feet away before I turned to look back at him, crossing the street.  That's when I realized.... shit, he's not retarded.  He's deaf.

I felt bad for the rest of the day.

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