King of the Hipsters

Doing a random search on the internet for concerts, I decided to check out The Dodos website.  Now, it just so happened that I went to the site only a few hours after they had posted their winter concert schedule... and Victoria was on the list!  Now, this list featured a lot of major cities, which makes me think that they must've remembered Victoria, and wanted to repeat what was obviously a special show.

I casually made a note on when the tickets would go on sale, and told myself I was absolutely gonna buy a couple.  Because they really are one of the best bands I've ever seen live.

Flash forward to thursday, when I found myself at Ditch Records.  "Two tickets for the Dodos, please"

The guy fishes out the tickets, and then promptly says "Hey, you're the first person in Victoria to buy tickets for this band"

That's right.  Yours truly holds tickets #1 and #2.

You may call me Newt, king of the Victoria Hipsters. 


  1. Hipsters would never be the first ticket holders. They would casually hear about the show at a bus stop where they are pretending to re-read "Catcher in the Rye" and then sign up for it last minute. If you are going to be awarded any crown, it is much more likely to be the "over enthused dorky fan" one.

  2. Your description of hipsters actually made me laugh. I kind of see them watching the show and afterwards casually saying "they were okay, but I like their first album more" or something stupid like that.

    And yeah, I really am the over-enthused dorky fan. But the crown for that is kind of lame.