True Story:

GIRL:  I wish I lived on the waterfront.
DAVE:  It's nice.  I live, like, two minutes away from the waterfront.
GIRL:  That's awesome.
DAVE:  Yeah.  I go down there sometimes at night when I'm in a bad mood.  You can actually see the parliament buildings from there.
GIRL:  So pretty...
DAVE:  Gotta be careful, though.  I kicked a seal once.
GIRL:  (Pause)  You kicked a seal!?
DAVE:  Well, it was a baby seal...
GIRLYou kicked a baby seal!?
DAVE:  Not on purpose!
GIRL:  (laughing hysterically) YOU KICKED A BABY SEAL!?
DAVE:  It was dark out!  I didn't see it!
GIRL:  Why didn't you start with 'I accidentally kicked a baby seal', instead of 'I kicked a baby seal'?
DAVE:  Well, I don't-
GIRL:  Why would you kick a baby seal?  How bad are you?
DAVE:  It was dark out.  And the seal was sleeping, and...
GIRL:  You kicked a baby seal while it was asleep?
DAVE:  ...Crap.  There's no way I can come out of this looking like the hero, can I?
GIRL:  No way in hell.

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