Sign of the Apocalypse?

My dear, dear noodle box did something very.... strange.... today. 

Every day, they have a few different specials, asian-themed dishes that I am sure are there to give the cooks something new and fun to play with.  Over the past year, I've ordered the specials fairly often - thai chicken wings, spicy curry satay, chicken kabobs, and so on. 

Today... the special was linguine.  Or, as they called it, "Italian Style Noodlebox".

Linguine noodles in a fettucine sauce, with chicken and pancetta, as well as green beans and peppers.  Probably about as un-asian as you can possibly make a meal, in fact. 

I ordered it, so in the end, I'm really just encouraging them.  It... it wasn't very good. 

That is all. 

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