Is it weird that I'm proud of this?

Sunday night.  My family, along with my sister's fiance, are sitting around the kitchen table at the family home, looking through some digital photos my brother had taken.  They were of a "guys night out", wherein my brother and I took our brother-to-be out on the town.

Crazy shenanigans were had.  And now, the three of us were trying to explain these photos to my parents. 

Case in point:

NEWT'S BROTHER:  And this here is a photo of Dave, trying to light a match.  With his eyebrow.
NEWT'S MOTHER (Laughing):  What?  Why would you even try to use your eyebrow?
NEWT:  Um.  Because my stubble wasn't working.
NEWT'S BROTHER:  He had red streaks all over his face afterward!
(Everyone Laughs, except NEWT)
NEWT:  The worse part is that this wasn't even the first time I tried to do this.
NEWT'S FATHER:  You're an idiot.
NEWT:  Yeah....

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