A (sleep deprived) update:

Some of you may have noticed I've been a bit lax in posting in the last week. 

It's okay, I have an excuse. Namely, that I've been so sleep-deprived as of late that I have absolutely no creative energy whatsoever.

My insomnia has been kicking my ass lately, to the point where every time I try to make a blog post, I stare at the screen and can't write down a single damned thing.  As I write this, I've had maybe six hours of sleep in the last few days.  I slept maybe three hours on saturday night, and around another three sunday night (last night).  Over the last week, I've been averaging maybe five or six hours a night, but never in any one continual streak - it's always broken by random wake-ups, low blood sugars, or the usual sounds of the apartment/crappy neighbourhood.

About a week ago, I had finally fallen asleep at around 6 am.  I hadn't slept in over 24 hours, and had finally collapsed from sheer exhaustion.  And then, two hours later, my phone rings.  I picked it up, and it was a telemarketer, trying to get me to do some goddamn survey.

I was near tears.  Literally - I was so sleep-deprived and anxious that I nearly started bawling.  I did my best to calmy tell the guy to leave me alone, and he tried to ask me questions until I angrily told him the whole damned story.  He apologized, but of course by then I was wide awake. 

I have all sorts of fun stories from the last week to relate to you, my eager audience.  There's the story of yours truly being a bit of the fool at the bar.  There's the story of the awkward date.  And the story of drinking flaming daiquiris made from 151 (with photos!).  And the rather awesome story of Apollo Sunshine, which was gonna be monday's music article. 

Hell, I even had a Day as Night script figured out.

But try doing any of that shit when you're so zonked out you're making about a bajillion typoes every sentence.  It ain't pretty. 

So that is why there hasn't been much in the way of posts.  It's also why I'm making this post at 2 am - as usual, I can't get to sleep.


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