Oh yeah, I'M responsible

Had a conversation with a half-brother of mine who lives on the other side of the country.  I think he was looking for some "grown-up" advice about sex that wasn't going to just parrot the crap he heard from "responsible" adults around him.

I did the whole "adult" thing, tried to present the facts, gave my honest opinion on his situation, and tried to be rational, reasonable, and responsible.

But of course, I'm a clown with an oversized coconut head.  So I started making jokes about halfway through, to break the serious tone.  And then I said something that, I think, is probably the funniest (and maybe rudest) thing I've ever said:

Remember, a good woman is hard to come by... and even harder to come on.

I'm pretty sure that's the best sex advice any half-brother can give, wouldn't you agree?

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