Weekly Haiku #15 - A Day At Work

processing taxes
-bathed in the monitor's glow-
carrying my ones

(I actually wrote this haiku at work... when I jokingly told a
supervisor that making haiku in my head was the only thing keeping me sane...)


  1. C-C-C-Crazy. I mentioned the epic frog battle on my blog. I need a quote from you to make it complete.

  2. Hey Lola- thanks for the publicity on your blog! How's this for my side o' things?

    "Once every lifetime, an underdog stands up for what is right. David vs. Goliath. Chinese guy vs. Tank. Reese's Peanut Butter cups vs. Plain ol' Peanut Butter. This war is the modern incarnation of that eternal conflict... Newt vs. Frog. May the best newt win."