Oh my god. That torch seems to be on FIRE!

Gah, my head hurts.

Yesterday was a day trip to Vancouver, with all sorts of crazy happenings - I saw the Olympic torch, a hockey game in the middle of Howe Street, people ziplining across Robson street, a Russian that looked like Santa Claus, Americans that wanted to buy me drinks (it was the Sharks hat, y'see), Insanely cramped ferry terminals, and probably a lot more that I am forgetting right now but will remember when I go through the shitty photos I took with a ten dollar disposable camera.

Anyways, the moral of the story is this:  I'm insanely tired, have a huge headache (not from booze!  I only had one drink, while watching the Swiss-Slovakia game in a pub), and not in the mood to write about anything.  The olympic experience will, no doubt, get an entire post once those photos come back.

I also bought a present or two, which will be put in the mail sometime tonight...

Best quote ever, though:  "Oh my god.  That torch seems to be on FIRE!"  Yeah.  Some people should not procreate.

Also, for those anonymous voters on my blog - could you at least SIGN your vote?  For example:

 "I vote for you, Dave, because you are awesome.  Sincerely, Muggles Magoo". 

Without even that, we can't accept the vote (by mutual agreement).  And since the only vote I've received so far is from an anonymous voter....

Anyways.  Next blogoff entry was begun on the ferry ride home last night, written on paper.  As well as a much better Day as Night than last week's debacle. It's gonna be awesome, ladies and gents.  But for now?  Now... I'm gonna put a warm cloth over my eyes, and thank my lucky stars I'm back in Victoria. 

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