Face Hangover

For some reason, the post I had scheduled for today didn't post.  Luckily, it was a very crappy post, so I just deleted the draft and decided to start again.

Y'see, I went out drinking last night - with The King Of Swing and his cheerful sidekick, the Faux Frenchman.  And, while at the club, I talked to one of my supervisors (who I awkwardly discovered was a part time bartender LAST weekend....), and then started comisserating with another of my bosses ("Hey, Dave.  You searching for pussy too?  I'm striking out..."  "Uh.  This is awkward...."). 

But fun was generally had by all, and I walked home a relatively happy fellow, before passing out facedown on my bed in a halo of boozesweat. 

I woke up sometime in the afternoon, my body completely fine, but my face feeling like its been hit by a bucket of bricks.  I hereby dub this condition a "face hangover", which sounds much better than "possible stroke". 

If it is a stroke, I have no way of telling.  See, I'm making toast, so if I smell burnt toast, that could mean anything


  1. How can someone drink the previous night... wake up in the afternoon with a face hangover and have the forsight to post this at 4:23 am before they even got up?

    PS the Wallin to Sharks trade has been made official now!

  2. Ha ha. True enough. I deleted my old post, and just kept the same time stamp. Whoops.

    Also, I need to see this Wallin guy play. HOpefully it turns out alright.

  3. I so don't miss hangovers. Or running into my boss at the bar. Ooh, bad memories.