Music Mondays - Kutiman

You know, the point of "music mondays" is to talk about music... but often, I find myself either bitching about music, or talking about albums that I love that, odds are, you're already familiar with.

Maybe you're familiar with this. It is, after all, a pretty popular viral internet thang. But then again, maybe not.

The idea? A guy has taken a bunch of youtube clips of people playing songs and combined them to make unique songs. A guy playing piano, a guy playing drums, and the sound of a dance troupe are combined to make a techno beat.
It's one of those things that is really hard to explain until you hear it. And then you realize just amazingly cool it all is.
So, yeah. Next time you get a couple of spare minutes, sit down and give it a listen. It's pretty mind-blowing.  You particularly need to listen to "Just A Lady" and "The Mother of All Funk Chords".

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