Is This It?


This last week, I have been overexposed to Michael Jackson for some reason.  And yes, I'm aware that was probably a poorly constructed sentence, considering the subject matter.  And no, I'm not going to go there.  Pedobear Jackson jokes are a dime a dozen.  (*Cough* "What's the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?" "One's bleached white, made of plastic, and is dangerous to small children, while the other one carries groceries").

There have been clips from that silly This Is It documentary that was released, like, a day after he died or something.  There have been features with him on TV, seeming to revel in his weirdness and the fact that he doesn't look, y'know, human.  Talks about his Neverland Ranch, what's going on with his children, and everything else.  MSNBC seems to be doing a Michael Jackson weekend (ew!) There are pictures of him on magazine covers.  And I've heard far too many songs from Thriller this week for it to be a coinkydink.

I have no idea what's going.  I mean, it's not like the man can die twice.... the last time that happened, someone wrote a book about it that wound up being a bestseller for frigging years

(aw, crap.  I just accidentally compared Michael Jackson to Jesus.  Way to open a can of worms there, Dave). 

I mean, do you remember this time last year, when people were kind of freaked out by M.J.?  How he was super scary, terrifying, and used to frighten small children into eating their vegetables?  He was like a plastic bogeyman with a fake nose who lived in a ranch instead of your closet.  Am I the only person who remembers that the guy was a walking freak show?

If this sort of rosey glasses thing happens when Kim Jong Il dies, or when Dubya bites the bullet, I'm really going to freak out.  Because I have no desire to witness people 'delightfully reminiscing' about the time "that guy with big ears had a shoe thrown at him". 

P.S.  this is the first time I have ever linked the Bible before.  I assure you, it was done for ironic purposes, and not as a passive aggressive way to suggesh that you should cease with your sinful ways.  ...Except for you, Doug.  You really need to give this book a checking out, because that shit you do on thursday nights is just wrong, dawg.


  1. Enemy, I agree that Micheal is super-over exposed. I can't understand what reason people have for idolizing a weirdo. If it is that easy i don't understand why I don't have more followers.

  2. Super easy way to be beloved by millions (even if they didn't like you beforehand): die.