Random (dirty) sports joke I heard today:

I was sitting at a bar, minding my own business when I saw the most gorgeous woman come in.  She had long brown hair, pouty lips, and, best of all, she was wearing a hockey jersey.  Those who know me remember that women in hockey jerseys are my number-one turn on.  Who cares that she was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey?  I had to have her.

I walked up to her.  "Hey.  My name is three goal lead."

She frowned.  "You name is not three goal lead."

"Okay, you caught me.  It's not Three Goal Lead, it's Dave."

Puzzled, she said "Okay, I just have to ask.  Why would you say your name is Three Goal Lead?"

"Well, I figured that any girl wearing a leafs jersey would just have to blow a three goal lead."

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