The Dodos - Don't Stop

There's nothing quite like coming home from a walk in the freezing Victoria snow (since when does it snow in february in Victoria?  Seriously, people!) and finding a notification on your facebook that The Dodos, my favourite band of 2010, have put a new song up for direct download on their site.  And the song, called "Don't Stop", is one of the best Dodos songs I've ever heard.  And it's not just me - it's Neko Case's favourite song off the new album! 

High praise, indeed.

I'm putting the song up here, so you guys can fully appreciate the frenetic guitar playing and energetic drum beats, backed up by surprisingly mellow lyrics.  After listening to it a bajillion times over the last hour, I am so incredibly excited for The Dodos' new album, No Color (due March 15th) to release... and I'm just as excited to see them play Victoria, come April 1st (make sure you get your tickets!).

Also, if you want to download the song, check out The Dodos' facebook page.  They update it fairly frequently, with all sorts of fun freebies. 

(Thanks go out, by the way, to Happy Apple, whose knowledge of HTML is much better than mine.  Not only did she help me figure out how to embed this, but she also helped set up a hosting page so I can do more music posts like this in the future.  And she did it all via MSN, with yours truly being rather thick-headed the whole time.  Seriously, the woman has the patience of a saint.  )

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