I'm not very good at meeting new people...

Last night, I said to myself "I'm tired of sitting at home, I want to go out and do something".  So, I went to my friend's Swing Dancing night, held every Saturday.  I've learned a bit of dancing (not much), and I knew it'd be a halfway decent way to meet some new people. 

Oh, I met some new people.  And promptly proceeded to show them my best trick - putting my foot in my mouth. 

Within an hour of showing up, I was at a table, talking about anthropology with a rather cute woman.  She seemed interested, and we were having a good conversation.  It was intelligent, insightful, and all that fun stuff. 

And then, somehow, I started talking about how both chimps and humans use sex as a form of social glue, how the male penis is a deliberately inefficient design, why humans are one of the few species that have face-to-face copulation, and all sorts of other things along that line.

Yes.  I actually said to a woman I barely know that the male penis is inefficient.  Probably the world's worse pickup line, eh? 

Don't get me wrong.  I think, from a cultural perspective, that this stuff is fascinating, and I believe many people would agree with me.  However, it's probably a bad conversation topic with someone you barely know.  If I wanted to talk anthropology, why not talk about tool use?  The development of language?  Hell, the importance of dance?  All valid topics.  But instead, I have to zero in on inefficient penises (penii?)

Like I said in the title, I suck at meeting new people.  I have a few theories why. 

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