Overheard by Mayfair Mall:

Two teenage girls, waiting for the bus on wednesday afternoon.  They were making their way through a huge snowdrift.

GIRL #1:  I'm going to see Tom tonight, and we're gonna smoke a huge fatty.
GIRL #2:  Sweet.
GIRL #1:  He's made a bong out of a snowball, and we're going to smoke it out of that.
GIRL #2:  Out of a snowball?  How does that work?
GIRL #1:  Haven't you ever smoked out of an apple core?
GIRL #2:  (embarrassed)  Yeah.  Of course.  Lots of times.
GIRL #1:  Well, it's like that.  Only, snow.
GIRL #2:  Have you done it before?
GIRL #1:  Well, no.  But Tom has.  At least, he said he did.  And why would you lie about a thing like that?

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