Music Mondays - Late August Playlist

I've mentioned this before, but my good pal Kittens has this little tradition where she gives her monthly playlist. It's a pretty good tradition, and it's not really one I like ripping off. 

However, there comes a time in every blogger's life when he finds it's sunday night and he has no idea what to write for his monday music-themed post because he's spent most of the weekend having fun with friends/arranging his upcoming class schedule/congratulating his sister on her engagement.  And when those times come, those bloggers shamelessly rip off other blogger's ideas.

"Those bloggers," by the way, consists entirely of me.  In case you hadn't put two and two together. 

Hopefully, my re-workings of her ideas will inspire her in her own blogging creations, which I will then shamelessly rip off at some point in the future.

It's the blogging circle of life. 

Anyways.  My music list for this month has been all about "the cool" - songs that sort of rhythmically roll back and forth and have a groove all their own.  With a few indie acoustic-y numbers thrown in for good taste.
  1. Spoon: "Who Makes Your Money" (Transference)
  2. Cold War Kids: "Hang me up to Dry" (Robbers & Cowards)
  3. Desert Sessions: "Subcutaneous Phat" (Desert Sessions 9 & 10)
  4. The Dodos:  "Jodi" (Visiter) (not the best link)
  5. Dan Mangan: "Fair Verona" (Nice, Nice, Very Nice)
  6. Queens of the Stone Age: "Auto Pilot" (Rated R)
  7. Modest Mouse:  "Float On" (Good News for People Who Like Bad News)
  8. Kyuss: "Gloria Lewis" (...And the Circus Leaves Town)
  9. Mother Mother: "Ghosting" (O My Heart)
  10. Marvin Gaye: "I Heard Through the Grapevine" (In the Groove)
Now, I'm not one to toot my own horn (ha!) but if I say so myself, this is probably the best list of music in the history of humankind. 

It at least belongs on some sort of top ten list.

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