Actually overheard at work:

And I quote... verbatim: 

GIRL:  You downloaded the bible onto your iPhone?
GUY:  Yeah.  It's this great Bible app. 
GIRL:  Seriously?
GUY:  Yeah.
GIRL:  Seriously.
GUY:  Yeah.  Check it out, I can even search for my favourite lines of scripture and -
GIRL:  You're not gonna, like, show up at my door with a tie and pamphlets, are you?
GUY:  What?  No!
GIRL:  What about a shotgun and a shovel?
GUY:  Seriously?  You're going to go with that?
GIRL:  Hey.  My iphone just has music on it, buddy. 


  1. I LOVED this post when I read it on google reader. Then I clicked on it so I could comment and praise how hilarious it is and saw the last two lines...still funny...but the truncated version was much better.