Music Mondays - The Dodos

I hate downloading music.  While I know there are differing views on the subject, I can't help but shake the feeling that it's depriving artists of their hard-earned money.  However, there are always extenuating circumstances.

For example, after buying my ticket to Rifflandia this year, I realized I didn't know too many of the artists, and got to work doing my research - listening to free mp3s and the like.  This wasn't enough to give me an impression, so I torrented some albums, with the idea that I'd buy the albums I liked at the live upcoming shows. 

This led me to The Dodos, an american group that I would describe as a sort of Indie Folk Rock.  The song "walking" is a mixture of classic acoustic jams and banjo lines, combined with a very modern "indie" vocal mixture.  "Paint the Rust" makes me think of an acoustic gypsy march, while "The Season" sounds almost like has a Theremin in the background. 

To put it simply, these are tunes that are comfortably familiar to those songs you grew up listening to while also being exciting, fresh, and modern.  In my mind, The Dodos are the band I was hoping to hear when I first listened to The Fleet Foxes

So, yeah, I torrented their album.  But you can bet your ass I'll be buying at their live show.  As well as every other album they have on sale. 

Can't wait to see them live.  If you're at Rifflandia, that's the show I'll be at.  Front and centre, intently staring at the guitars and being absolutely oblivious to everyone else at the show.  I'll be doing my best to creep out the band with my intent lack of blinking.  It's gonna be awesome. 

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