Going back to the crack pipe...

It's been one of those weeks.

I've had absolutely no desire to write;  not in the least.  Everytime I've even looked at blogger, it's been with a lump in my throat, followed quickly by "one more day... I'll write then."  Of course, I am a master procrastinator.  My mom was in labour for 23 hours, most likely because every half hour or so I'd say "I'll come out after I'm finished playing patty-cake with this ovary".  This habit of mine that precedes my birth means that once I start to delay something, it tends to stay delayed. 

Everyone needs a break, right?  Even crack addicts, people extremely devoted and dedicated to their craft, occasionally decide they need to take a break.  This is, after all, why we have "Urban Art Shows" isn't it? 

Or did I miss a public service announcement, somewhere?

So, there it is.  I haven't had much of an urge to write.  I'm sure people close to me (both of them!) might think it has something to do with some of the recent events of the last week or so, but they'd be off.  The desire to not write is just one of those phases that occasionally grips me - like a herpes outbreak.  Only with less of a rash.

Wait, what events of the last week, you ask?  I guess I haven't been keeping my dedicated fans informed.  Allow me to fill you in on the sordid details:
  1. The "Special Lady" came to my place, and she had great news.  She had gotten into her education program, which is the big goal in her life.  I was very happy, and told her we need to celebrate.  This was immediately followed by "we need to talk", in which I was basically told that she doesn't have time for a relationship, now.  It sort of sucks to realize that you're just a placeholder boyfriend, on retainer until something important happens.  However, it wasn't like we'd been together for that long, so I pretty much showed her the door, wished her the best, and went on with my life.  No biggie. 
  2. Work has been a BITCH.  As in, there are rumblings that our entire division could be dismantled and moved to the U.S.  The admin department (myself and another guy) are doing the work of five people.  Tuesday, we were given a job that requires at least forty man-hours of labour, and had an eight hour deadline.  We wound up both staying hours late, trying to get it done... and failing.  It was one of the more stressful moments in my life... and I've had to sit through a live John Mayer concert.
  3. Migraines.  As in, apparently men can get migraines, and it's a lot more common that you'd think.  I did not know this.  And I would have been perfectly fine to have kept it this way.  But when you're curled up at your desk, whimpering into your knee about "The goddamned lights", you know there's a problem.  A problem  alcohol cannot solve.
So, yeah, kind of a shitty week.  But I'll manage... because I'm busily planning a weekend fit for the ages!

Seriously.  After such a crappy week, I think I'm due for some absolute craziness.  This craziness includes meeting up with the King of Swing himself, and getting into some - dare I say it? - shenanigans.  Also on the list:  hitting the club, drooling over guitars, flirting with the girl at Cascadia Bakery who makes the world's best Ginger Snaps, introducing some co-workers to the wonderful bar that is Heckler's, and - if I have time - fighting crime like nobody's bizness. 

Updates to follow. 

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