Recharging the Batteries:

Some of you may have noticed I've been a bit... lax... with the updates the last week or so.  There are two reasons:

1)  My computer is absolute garbage.  When I try to get ready to do a blog post, it takes forever to load up.  Then I get blogger working, and I find myself staring at a blank screen saying "what was I gonna write again?"  This inevitably devolves into yours truly throwing a half-empty tube of pringles at the computer screen while my newt watches on, disprovingly. 

2)  I write a personal blog that at least tries to be funny, for the most part.  Lately, though, I'm more of a pensive, thoughtful phase.  And like Woody Allen movies, I'm not really all that funny when I'm thoughtful.  I mean, I crack jokes and whatnot, but I'm in one of my "end of summer" modes where all I want to do is read books and get in arguments with people about obscure film topics... such as Woody Allen movies.   

That being said, I'm taking a wee bit of a vacation.  And I do mean a "wee bit" - I'm not going on hiatus or anything.  Just need a chance to recharge the batteries.  I've been sending myself e-mails from work containing some great snippets of conversations overheard, but they need a bit of cleaning up before I'll post them here. 

Have a great weekend all, and I'll see y'all soon. 

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