Scene from a Bar:

(SCENE:  A loud karaoke bar.  DAVE, a handsome red-headed gentleman who oozes a quiet sense of masculinity and poise, approaches the BARTENDER, a young blonde woman in a skirt that is so ridiculously short it borders on absurd.)

DAVE:  What!?
BARTENDER:  I said, "hi!"
DAVE:  Oh!
BARTENDER:  What can I get you?
DAVE:  I'll have a CC and Ginger! 

(BARTENDER pauses, makes a weird face, and then starts entering some numbers into her till.)

BARTENDER:  Um, okay...  Why sixteen?
DAVE:  Hunh?
BARTENDER:  Well, it's pretty specific...
DAVE:  Um.  I said "Canadian Club and Ginger Ale"
BARTENDER:  Oh!  I thought you said "Sixteen Chicken Wings!"

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