Another, unfortunately true (though slightly exaggeratted), story from work:

So, my co-worker and I are sitting around, working our butts off, when one of us says something bone-ass stupid.  Knowing how these things usually go, it was probably me, but I don't remember now.  Anyways, we both giggled like morons, causing our supervisor to walk by and just shake his head.


SUPERVISOR:  You guys are like overgrown kids, you know.
CO-WORKER:  No.  We're adults with a difficult job.
DAVE:  Yeah.  (typing away while speaking)  We're the pinnacle of "adult" in all ways.
SUPERVISOR:  Really?  I don't believe you.  Just a few hours ago, you were talking about video games, like you were eight years old.
CO-WORKER:  Like kids?  It was Call of Duty, and that is an adult game, and-
DAVE: Hey, check it out!  This woman's last name is - get this - "Johnson".
CO-WORKER:  Henh henh.  "Johnson".
DAVE:  "Johnson" means "Penis"
CO-WORKER:  (Giggles)
DAVE:  Henh henh.  "Miss Penis"
CO-WORKER: (Giggles louder)
DAVE:  Henh henh Henh.
SUPERVISOR:  I give up (Walks away)
DAVE:  Ha.  That was fun.
CO-WORKER:  Yeah.  It's fun messing with supervisors.  You weren't really serious about that whole "Johnson" joke, were you?
DAVE:  Nah.  It's pretty immature, and-
CO-WORKER:  Hey, check it out!  This guy's last name is "Wang!" 

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