Lately, I've been working in a mall.

It's a temporary job, working a front desk, arranging appointments, and handling cash transactions for a tax-based company whose name shall remain Hidden and Restricted... Um, block.

Anyways, I get to sit a lot. Sometimes, I write emails. And sometimes, I people watch. And the best place to people watch is the lotto centre, because there are always so many interesting people to observe.

For example, the other day, I saw a guy with dark hair spiked up above the ears, cracking his knuckles while he played Keno. He was, in the fact, the spitting image of Wolverine from the x-men, only about a hundred pounds heavier and lacking in the claws department - at least, as far a I could tell.

Quietly, and without taking my eyes off him (lest he sneak up on me and skewer me with adamantium-fueled rage), I shot off a quick email to Happy Apple:

"There's a guy that looks like wolverine here, only with a beer belly. He's playing Keno. I don't think it's wolverine, but I'm not sure."

Within two minutes, I had a response.

"Well Dave, Wolverine IS Canadian, after all. So it could be him. Maybe wolverine just let himself go."

Happy Apple's awesome.

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