The New Ditch Records

Ditch Records, my faovurite record store in the whole entire world, has changed locations.  It has gone from a store of about 150 square feet to one that is easily over a thousand square feet.  When I first set foot in the place, I died and went to nerd heaven... one of the first finds was a vinyl copy of Unida's Coping with the Urban Coyote, an album I have literally wanted to own for almost ten years, but have never been able to find (often even through ebay and Amazon, where copies can cost upwards of $150). 

The next hour in the store was kind of a blur.  I may have cried a little.

To celebrate, they're having a big record release day party for April 16th.  Some of the albums they're putting big discounts include early Pink Floyd bootlegs, a limited Dodos EP pressing, the new Matt and Kim release, the new Fleet Foxes release, and about a bajillion more records I want.  I have a feeling I'll be one of the guys waiting in line come saturday morning. 

Anyone wanna keep me company?

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