Kind of gross:

Drank with Happy Apple last night. We both had the night off, and figured it'd be nice to stay inside, have a few drinks, and pack up my apartment (as I'm moving fairly soon).  So, we hung out, and after burning through the small amount of booze we had brought, decided to clean out my old bar fridge.

I found a bunch of bottles that were half empty, and took that as some sort of personal affront. 

Namely, I found bottles of Bailey's, Grand Marnier, and Kahlua.  I vaguely remembered buying the bottles to make B 52s at a party, because I used to love those shots.  Once Happy Apple told me she had never had a B 52, I started putting them together.

It wasn't until the shot was about to go down that I remembered - I had bought this combo for a camping trip.  And I had gone on this camping trip before I had even moved into this apartment.  I've been in this apartment for at least four years, meaning these half-empty bottles were approximately five years old. 

We drank cream liquors that were old enough to be kindergartners. 

I've never seen someone run to the bathroom so quickly.  Poor, poor Happy Apple.

But still, kind of a funny story. 

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