Show Report: The Dodos

I've been meaning to write this for a few weeks now, but kept putting it off due to real life getting in the way.  Better late than never though, eh?

April 1st, we went to go see the Dodos.  It was the Savages, Happy Apple, and I.  I had won some free tickets through the Dodos' facebook fan page, and so, for the first time ever in my list, I got to awkwardly say to the bouncer, "Uh, I'm on the guest list, uh, I think." 

Suave charmer, I am not.

Anyways, I'll be brief, because at this point, there's no real reason to go into detail.  Some of the key highlights:
  • The opening act, named Reading Rainbow, started off okay... but then basically kept playing the same song over and over again - a simple drum line, a simple guitar line, and the girl basically just singing the harmony over the guy's basic vocals.  Guh.
  • Goddamn hipsters.
  • Happy Apple slamming a drink glass into my face.  All because I was innocently trying to throw ice cubes into her face.  What's worse?  Nearby women telling her "we saw the whole thing, and it's all his fault".  Damn women, trying to stick together.
  • The Dodos were awesome.  They had an electric guitarist with them, and Merric Long was also playing an electric instead of his usual acoustic.  They did a lot of songs from the new album, as you could expect, but also played a few standbys from Visiter.  They didn't play a single song from Time to Die, which was a bit unusual, but oh well. 
  • The Dodos did NOT play Jodi, which bummed me out.  But they did play "Fools" and finished on "Going Under", which is now my favourite Dodos song from the new album.  Once you hear that song live, and the attendant wall of noise that accompanies it, your mind will be fully blown.

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  1. I believe you were trying to put the ice into my bra. It was self defense from sexual harrassment!