This conversation didn't happen. But it almost did.

Sometimes, I hold my tongue, and don't say what I want to say.  While doing this is a sign of maturity and wisdom, it can be boring sometimes.  And annoying, when you're dealing with idiots.  Luckily, I have a blog, so I can post how the conversation should have gone.

The first half of this conversation is true, although I may have changed the dialogue slightly because I don't remember exactly what words were said.  The second half is, unfortunately, what I wanted to say but didn't actually say, because I'm all, like, adult and shit.


DAVE:  Alright sir, so let's book your appointment for taxes.  It's April 6th today, so I could book you next week on the 13th, which is a wed-
GUY:  (Completely serious)  Do you have a space open for April 3rd?
DAVE:  Excuse me?
GUY:  April 3rd?  Around three pm.  I have that day off, so it'd be easier for me to show up then.
DAVE:  Well, that all depends. 
GUY:  On what?
DAVE:  On whether your delorean can still hit 88.

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