I was at work the other day, talking to a work friend about how absolutely illogical I can be. I'm nervous about something coming up this weekend, even though I know I have absolutely nothing to be nervous about - all I have to do is shake someone's hand and make small talk, but for some reason, in my mind, I equate failing at small talk with the end of the world.

I know I am overthinking things, but this doesn't make me feel any better.

This lead me to tell my co-worker, "The thing about being crazy is, you know you're being crazy, and that what you're doing is crazy, but you still can't stop yourself from doing it. You're aware of your craziness, but unable to change. And that makes you crazier."

I meant it as a joke, but then, afterwards, I found myself brooding on it. Crazily, of course.


  1. Are you ever going to write another post?! Come ON!

  2. drink some rye:) loved that post. And if the craziness is catching up to you, smoke some weed, then you just don't give a care.