April Playlist:

After a long hiatus... time to put up my playlist of the month again! This month is a mix of happy acoustic songs and sad bastard music. Nothing special, really.

  1. "Fireflies of Montreal" by Laurena Segura

  2. "High Hawk Season" by The Mountain Goats

  3. "We Are 1980" by Said The Whale

  4. "While We Were Dreaming" by Pink Mountaintops

  5. "Ends In the Ocean" by Avalanche City

  6. "Hurt" by Johnny Cash

  7. "Gold on the Ceiling" by The Black Keys

  8. "When I Write My Master's Thesis" by John K. Samson

  9. "Bandages" by Hey Rosetta!

  10. "A Girl Named Sandoz" by The Animal


  1. Fireflies of Montreal tune fits so well with Hey Rosetta other Canadian groups

  2. I've been sort of in love with Laurena Segura for the past couple of months. "Fireflies" is my go-to "wait for the bus at nighttime" song.