An Explanation of Sorts:

A while ago, Blogger decided to change their settings, mostly because they are dicks and can't stand, I dunno, tradition or something.

My computer was old enough that were it a human being, it'd be old enough to read and refuse to eat brussel sprouts. It was having problems loading the google website, let alone handle new changes to the tried and true.

And so I was cut off from the "blogosphere", or something to that effect. This meant I had to do new things to occupy my time... like go outside. Or socialize.

They were dark times.

Luckily, I have a new computer now. And I can carry it with me, because it's all laptoppy and whatnot. As an added bonus, it has this great sperm-zapping feature that ensures there will be no future Daves walking around, for which I'm sure the universe is thankful.

Anyways, for those who are of the TL;DR variety.... I'm back.

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