True Story:

I'm sitting at the front desk at my new, temporary job. I'm talking to the girl training me, and she starts talking about hockey. I casually ask her a question about the Canucks, and she looks at me, surprised.

"You watch hockey?"

"Yeah. I like watching it, from time to time."

"Oh, I just assumed..."

I smiled. I knew what she had assumed. As a ginger, with glasses, I look like a dork. Hell, even before I worked at Future Shop, I'd go in there and have people ask me questions about their computer.

"You just assumed because I'm a nerd."

"Well...." she was awkward. I had to put her at ease.

"It's okay. I am a nerd. I mean, look at me. I'm a ginger. I have glasses. I had absolutely no hope of avoiding it. May as well embrace it."

She laughed. "You are a ginger...."

"Still, I'm totally putting this in my blog."

She paused, and then took a long, dramatic sigh.  "Of course you'd have a blog."

I slumped my shoulders in defeat. "...yeah..."

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