16. Hey Rosetta! "Seeds" (2011)

Hometown: Newfoundland
Notable Songs: 'Welcome', 'Seventeen', 'Bandages'

Hailing from Canada's windier, colder coast, Hey Rosetta! has already forged a reputation based on sweeping string arrangements accompanied with indie rock guitars and aggressive acoustic stylings. This time around, they've taken it even one step further.

Seeds is a collection of songs all connected with that trademark "Hey Rosetta! sound", with songs rising in crescendo and pitch before dying down softly for a few seconds, giving us just enough time to prepare for the next one. No song on the album ends in the same way it began, and if there is anything as simple as a verse/chorus/verse chorus track to be found, it's hidden very well.

The lyric matter is based around the idea of seasons and growth, which I suppose makes this a work of fantasy for the Newfies, who are used to seventeen months of winter every year (they double up from september to january).

The album is best taken as a whole, and not as a collection of singles. Because of this, it's hard for me to pick out notable songs. I chose these three because they work incredibly well connected as they are, and because they do an amazing job finishing the album. 'Yer Spring' would be another likely choice.


  1. Once again you do not actually chose the best songs in your notable tracks. Yer Spring is totally the most addicting one on the album and is best enjoyed on repeat, really loudly, for say 2 to 3 weeks. Yes, it is that good.

  2. Hey, at least it got honorable mention! To be honest, I really liked the album as a whole - it was really hard for me to pick out the most notable songs this time around. I could easily have picked out six or seven.

  3. Yeah! Write your own damn review, Kate.