Playing bass in the box.

I bought a bass guitar.  Which means I've begun to hear every "bassist joke" there is to hear.  About how they're not real musicians, about how they know nothing about music, and about how they're who groupies need to sleep with to level up before they're allowed to sleep with the real band guys.

Actually, I'm okay with that last bit.

However, a few things - Paul McCartney was the bassist.  So was that guy from Kiss.  Or Roger Waters.  Point is... bass may consist of simple notes compared to guitar.  But figuring out which simple notes to play requires a degree of musicianship, and listening, that you don't find with too many guitarists.

The last few weeks of playing bass have taught me a ridiculous amount about music.  Plain and simple.

But I'm still a little boy.  Because, see, there's this thing in bass playing - it's a set of four notes that go together when you're trying to develop a simple riff to accompany an impromptu guitar line.  It's called "box notes", because they sort of form a box shape when you connect the dots on the fret board.

It's called "playing within the box".  And I giggle like a school girl each. and. every. time.

Guess it's the only action some of these bassists get.

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