Are You Calling Me Crazy!?

We were at work, shooting the shit while putting together pizzas, assembly-line style. My boss, a guy in his thirties who should probably watch what he says a bit more but thankfully doesn't, was talking about women.

In a deli. Staffed primarily by women.

So, the two of us are chatting about girls. Every time an attractive customer walks by, which is fairly frequently, he'd point to her and say "hey, she looks good. Ask her out. Give her our usual thrifty's customer service!" or some other dirty comment to that effect. Which was, really, pretty hilarious.

And then we started talking about weird dates we've both been on. After swapping a few, we conclude, rather loudly, that "all women are crazy". We said it jokingly, with that sort of fond affection that is usually reserved for a well-loved poodle that can't stop pooping on the rug.

One of my co-workers, doing the dishes, turns to us, holding a long knife in one hand.

"Are.... you.... calling... me.... crazy!?" she said, her eyes wild and this weird sneer on her face.

Funniest thing I've seen all week.

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